C-Orthodox is Moving

From Blogger to WordPress. Details here.

I’ll be updating the various blogroll links shortly.


Progressive Christian Beliefs

Shuck and Jive links to a list of ten and discusses them. What do you think?

Freedom for ALL?

Blogroll member Peter Kirk is engaged in a dialogue with David Ker over U. S. behavior in foreign policy. It’s heated, but I’ve found it interesting. Occasionally light is generated along with the heat!

Let the Bible be Human?

Two Moderate Christian Blogroll members have recently posted very different views on the inspiration vs human nature of the Bible.

The first was posted on Shuck and Jive, while the second was posted at Moral Science Club. Check them out and join the debate.

Bruce Aldeman has been published again

Read about it here.

For the Asking

T. Michael Cart talks about how Jesus taught his disciples to pray.

On Pelagius

Christian Beyer suggests we take another look.