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For any of those who are working on their ranking for the TTLB ecosystem, I’ve added this blog to the ecosystem so y’all will get another link to your credit.


New Moderate Christian Blogroll Member

Please welcome One Thing I Know to the Moderate Christian Blogroll. I’m kind of rushing today, but I’ll get around to highlighting a post or two from there in the next couple of days.

Coops Series on the Atonement

One topic that seems to get Christians stirred up is the atonement and how we understand it. Coops started a series, and here’s what he’s done so far:

Commenting is variable, but is getting going. Why don’t you check in? A post with trackback is also a good way to get into this discussion.

Blog Roundups

Just so everyone knows, now that I have the aggregator and RSS feeds of most recent posts with summaries (in the sidebar), I’m giving up on the idea of doing roundups. I do want to call attention to things that might be easily missed or are particularly interesting. Some of these I’ll do here, while others I’m going to post on one of my other blogs.

Expect notes here about series that I think will be of general interest. I hope to stir up some inter-blog discussion. That’s one of the things the blogosphere is about–conversation. If I don’t highlight a post that you think I should, just e-mail me (, or provide a comment here on any post.

Heaven and Hell Poll in the Religion Forum

I wasn’t actually able to find an answer in this poll that I was completely comfortable with. Give it a try.

CFF: Keeping the Law

Here’s an active thread involving an issue that stirs up many Christians:  Keeping the Law.  Is it a result of salvation?  Is it required for salvation?

Join the action!

God is Speaking

There’s an interesting thread on the Christian Fellowship Forum called God is Speaking. Do you believe that God speaks only through scripture, does he speak to everyone all the time, or perhaps something between? Is scripture the sole source of authoritative speaking?

Go enjoy the discussion.

PS: Thus far I’ve resisted getting involved in this one. I’d get too long-winded!

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