The Blogroll is Still Alive!

Recent appearances to the contrary, the Moderate Christian Blogroll and Aggregator are still active.  I have been extremely busy with my business at Energion Publications, and so have gotten behind.  I’m in the process of updating the backlog of new members and also deleting some inactive blogs.  I’m about 1/3 of the way through that process.

I’ll post a notice here when I have added all the new blogs and updated the list.

Please note that I will no longer be maintaining the Blogrolling version of the list.  You can find all the ways to link and get RSS feeds at or on this blog.


Reactions to the Tiller Murder

I saw a number of reactions to the murder of George Tiller on the Moderate Christian Blogroll today and decided that a links post would be in order.  I won’t comment on the contents of each, except to say that they each strike a different tone.

  1. A question from Rick at Concept 53
  2. Are We Back to Assassinating Abortion Doctors? from Levellers.
  3. Dr. George Tiller murdered in church from it seems to me …
  4. Abortionist Tiller killed while volunteering at church, from Moral Science Club

Hmmm … even the titles give you a range of reactions.

I didn’t intend this as a “4 posts” post, but that’s how it turned out.  Feel free to add any more reactions from the Moderate Christian Blogroll in the comments section.  I’ll be tagging these under “Ethics and Values” for the aggregator’s topical links page.

Christian Carnival Plug

You can read about the Christian Carnival this week here.

Two ideas:

  1. Participate in the carnival, publicize your blog and your best writing, and become acquainted with how it works
  2. When you’re comfortable, volunteer to host.

C-Orthodox is Moving

From Blogger to WordPress. Details here.

I’ll be updating the various blogroll links shortly.

Progressive Christian Beliefs

Shuck and Jive links to a list of ten and discusses them. What do you think?

Freedom for ALL?

Blogroll member Peter Kirk is engaged in a dialogue with David Ker over U. S. behavior in foreign policy. It’s heated, but I’ve found it interesting. Occasionally light is generated along with the heat!

Let the Bible be Human?

Two Moderate Christian Blogroll members have recently posted very different views on the inspiration vs human nature of the Bible.

The first was posted on Shuck and Jive, while the second was posted at Moral Science Club. Check them out and join the debate.